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LEPIN 05063 Death Star II

Star Wars / 4016pieces

LEPIN 05035 Death Star II - UCS is a LEPIN Star Wars set echoes LEGO 75159 of the same name and is LEGO compatible building block set. The set consists of 4016 pieces and is designed for kids aged 16 and above. This LEPIN 05063 Death Star II is features in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi . The set includes the following:

LEPIN 05063 | 100% LEGO Replica Bricks Set 75159  Death Star II 


The flagship of Darth Vader has arrived! The Super Star Destroyer Executor was the command ship at both Hoth and Endor. With its distinguished dagger shape bridge, the Executor is among the most powerful battle space ship the Empire ever produced. 

  • Includes 24 mini figures and droids, plus all-new Dianoga trash compactor monster! Among these mini figures 6 are new and exclusive only found in this set: Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper outfit), Han Solo in Stormtrooper outfit, Assassin Droid, Interrogation Droid, Death Star Droid and 2 Death Star Troopers!
  • Aboard this detailed battle station features different movie authentic scenes including Superlaser control room, conference chamber, TIE fighter bay with lunch hook, Emperor's throne room, trash compactor room and more for you to discover!
  • Match up with other LEPIN StarWars brick sets to re-create the classic scenes in the Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Just a perfect add-on to any other Star Wars brick sets. 
  • This is a 100% LEGO compatible Star Wars KO set. 
Item No. 05063 75159
Ages 16+ 16+
Pieces 4016 4016
Packing No Original Box Original Box
Instruction Yes Yes
Origin Made In China Made In Denmark
Order Process 3-5 Work Days N/A
Shipping 10-15 Work Days N/A
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Expected delivery time, smooth communication and arrived as described. I really hope they could organize the bricks in numbered bags as LEGO does. Of the 14hours of building, over half time we are looking for the bricks, maybe next time I'll sort them first before we begin. Nice looking model and resembled interesting scenes in the star wars sagas. Strongly recommend if you have kids, the set would keep them busy for hours and days~

Death Star

Photos to go with previous review.

Great picture Ian! Thank you for sharing your set with us. I bet the members in the community prefer live pictures than studio photos.
Death star


quick delivery

Satisfied with the fast delivery, the product looks quite fun with many playable parts, 100% as described. Received package without complication.

very fast shipping (less than 10 days) and no customs!!

very fast shipping (less than 10 days) and no customs!!

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LEPIN 02068 Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter | City |
Ok, not perfect.

Couple of missing pieces, and the windshield is WAY OFF in size. Other than that pretty good!

Death Star

I received the order sooner than expected and was well pleased every piece was there even a few little extras. It all fit together good and was easy to assemble with the provided instructions. Will be buying here again.

LEPIN 15008 Green Grocery | Creator |
Great set

Looks good and only missing a couple of parts. Similar to what a Lego set would. Photo taken next to a Lego kit. Service was fast. It's a bit more challenging than Lego because it just comes in one big box

LEPIN 21001 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van | Creator |

This set is fantastic, the detail is incredible. It's great as a toy for the kids or even as a decorative piece. The bags weren't numbered as usual but it was fun finding all the parts with clear easy to follow the instructions. All pieces were present and fit together perfectly. Well worth the money

LEPIN 05132 Millennium Falcon - UCS | Star Wars
Finally done.

Finally finished it! This is incredible. Definitely worth the price. The mini figures are great quality and the set itself came with every single piece and more. Definitely going to purchase the slave 1 for a paired set.