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LEPIN 05001 Rey’s Speeder

Star Wars / 213pieces

LEPIN 05001 Rey’s Speeder is a LEPIN Star Wars set echoes LEGO 75099 of the same name. The set consists of 213 pieces and is designed for kids aged from 6 - 11 years old. This LEPIN 05001 Rey’s Speeder features the scene in Star Wars - The Force Awaken. The set includes the following:

  • Rey's super cool junk collector speeder.
  • Mounted accessories with tools and weapons.
  • Pull open the side door of storage component.
  • 2 mini figures of Rey and Unkar’s Thug
  • Re-built the scene of millennium falcon chase with LEPIN05007 Millennium Falcon and other sets. 

Video Illustration

Item No. 05001 75099
Ages 6-11 6-11
Pieces 213 193
Packing No Original Box Original Box
Instruction Yes Yes
Origin Made In China Made In Denmark
Order Process 3-5 Work Days N/A
Shipping 10-15 Work Days N/A
Known Discrepancy No Messenger Bag Rey's Messenger Bag


Important Note on Shipping & Package

  • Packed with protective foam envelope and paper carton WITHOUT original box. Items are repacked into padded envelopes with suitable carton box for maximum protection.
  • We ship via trackable postal or carrier service depending on the destination which usually takes 10-15 working days. 
  • Please allow 3-5 working days to process and sort the order after payment is confirmed.

Customer Reviews

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Just perfect!!

A small but fun set to built. The shipment is super fast and no missing parts! Took little more than 1 week to arrive U.K. The set is a 100% imitation of the LEGO original at only a fraction of its price. All bricks clutch well and the model is solid intact. The service staff is helpful and the communication is smooth. I'll certainly look into more of LEPIN products at Lepinbrick.com

One minor discrepancy lays in the mini figure. Rey's hair is substitution should be carrying a messenger bag across the body but apparently LEPIN decide it is too trouble some to open a new model for the part.

Great picture Chapman! Wow... you took great portrait photos of the set, the lights are just fine to outline the speeder. Great!

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LEPIN 02068 Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter | City |
Ok, not perfect.

Couple of missing pieces, and the windshield is WAY OFF in size. Other than that pretty good!

Death Star

I received the order sooner than expected and was well pleased every piece was there even a few little extras. It all fit together good and was easy to assemble with the provided instructions. Will be buying here again.

LEPIN 15008 Green Grocery | Creator |
Great set

Looks good and only missing a couple of parts. Similar to what a Lego set would. Photo taken next to a Lego kit. Service was fast. It's a bit more challenging than Lego because it just comes in one big box

LEPIN 21001 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van | Creator |

This set is fantastic, the detail is incredible. It's great as a toy for the kids or even as a decorative piece. The bags weren't numbered as usual but it was fun finding all the parts with clear easy to follow the instructions. All pieces were present and fit together perfectly. Well worth the money

LEPIN 05132 Millennium Falcon - UCS | Star Wars
Finally done.

Finally finished it! This is incredible. Definitely worth the price. The mini figures are great quality and the set itself came with every single piece and more. Definitely going to purchase the slave 1 for a paired set.